No-mind is the way to God.

The state of no-mind is the state of the divine. God is not a thought but the experience of thoughtlessness. It is not a content in the mind; it is the explosion when the mind is content-less. It is not an object that you can see; it is the very capacity to see. It is not the seen but the seer. It is not like the clouds that gather in the sky, but the sky when there are no clouds. It is that empty sky.
When the consciousness is not going out to any object, when there is nothing to see, nothing to think, just emptiness all around, then one falls upon oneself. There is nowhere to go – one relaxes into one’s source, and that source is God.
No-mind is the way to God.
見るための何もない時に意識がどのようなオブジェクトにもすたれない時 考える何も そして、それが自身に落ちるのであたり一面の正しい空虚さ 。そこはどこでも行く必要がない--それは人のソースにリラックスし、そのソースは神である。
Your inner being is nothing but the inner sky. The sky is empty, but it is the empty sky that holds all, the whole existence, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the planets. It is the empty sky that gives space to all that is. It is the empty sky that is the background of all that exists. Things come and go and the sky remains the same. 
In exactly the same way, you have an inner sky; it is also empty. Clouds come and go, planets are born and disappear, stars arise and die, and the inner sky remains the same, untouched, untarnished, unscarred. We call that inner sky sakshin, the witness – and that is the whole goal of meditation.
Go in, enjoy the inner sky. Remember, whatsoever you can see, you are not it. You can see thoughts, then you are not thoughts; you can see your feelings, then you are not your feelings; you can see your dreams, desires, memories, imaginations, projections, then you are not them. 
参加しなさい 内側の空を満喫する 。
Go on eliminating all that you can see. Then one day the tremendous moment arrives, the most significant moment of one’s life, when there is nothing left to be rejected. All the seen has disappeared and only the seer is there. That seer is the empty sky.
すべてを取り除き続けなさい。あなたは見ることができる。そして、ある日にすさまじい瞬間が到着すること、何もない時 拒絶される左 の人のライフの最も重要な瞬間。すべての見は消えて、予言者だけがそこにいる。その予言者は空の空である。
To know it is to be fearless, and to know it is to be full of love. To know it is to be God, is to be immortal.
それを知っていることは、大胆で、それが愛情でいっぱいである必要があると知っていることである。それを知っていることが、神であることである 不滅であることになっている。
There is no way of contaminating the sky, of making impressions on it, marks on it. We can draw lines on water, but no sooner are the lines made than they disappear; yet if lines are made on stone they last for thousands of years. Lines just cannot be drawn in the sky, so there is no question of their disappearing. Please understand this difference. Lines cannot be drawn in the sky – I may move my finger across the sky, the finger passes but the line is not drawn and the question of the disappearance of the line simply does not arise.
空〈それへの制作効果の〉を汚染して方法が全然ない それのマーク 。水において私達がラインを引くことができるけれども、作られたラインであるとすぐに、それらは消える;まだ、もし石においてラインが作られるならば、それらは数千年の間続く。ラインは空で全く引かれえない。従って、それらの消滅の問題が全然ない。どうぞ、この違いを理解してください。ラインは空で引かれえない--私は空、指パスを横切る私の指を動かすことができるけれども、ラインは引かれず、ラインの消失の問題は単に生じない。
The day a person goes beyond the mind, when the consciousness transcends the mind, he experiences that, like the sky, so far no marks or lines have ever been drawn on the soul. It is eternally pure, eternally enlightened, no pollution has ever happened to it.